The Powerhouse

Why is Alliance the most successful retailer in Northern California?  
We think different, and create a way to give our buyers what they need.
You demanded affordable luxury, we built it.
You required green construction,  we delivered it.  
And now, we are proud to introduce the latest in our design evolution--The Powerhouse.
Watch the meter move backward and your savings move forward. The Powerhouse enables you to generate your own power for FREE!

The first of its kind in Silicon Valley, The Powerhouse combines unparalleled luxury with cutting edge solar technology.  
Why choose The Powerhouse?
By investing in this cutting-edge renewable energy source you are:
♦   Protecting yourself against rising energy bill
In the next 10 years, the average Californian will spend over $14,000 on electricity, and this figure is expected to increase 3% - 5% each year!
♦   Protecting the environment
Solar is the cleanest and most sustainable energy source available, with no fuel, no moving parts, and no emissions.  The environmental impact of the average solar electric system is the equivalent to planting nearly 39 trees per year.
♦   Protecting the value of your home
Solar is a safe, long term investment with an excellent financial return. And it continues to generate value long after it is paid off.

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