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Gilbert C. – June 6, 2020

We bought our home last August (2019) from Marc Blumthal at Alliance. We were in a bind because our rent was going up $400 from the previous year and decided to try and put our money towards something instead of giving it to the leasing Co. We met Marc in May when we were looking at options. We went to several places just to get a feel for what was going on and what the process was, everyone we met was helpful and nice. Marc was our last stop in the evening real close to closing time. He was very patient and helpful and even stayed late for all the questions and scenarios my crazy brain came up with. I don’t like change and for some reason I felt like Marc was the guy. We fell in love with the house we bought on site. Marc made the process as easy and straight forward as could be. He made sure we knew what was to come and even made a few extra trips after hours to show us the property again and again!. We still are good friends till this day and grab lunch when we can. And he still checks in to make sure we are happy with our decision and his service. Glad to have met him and will recommend him to anyone seeking information or to purchase a home. I have waited for this long to post this because I have been burned in the past with warranty issues and wanted to post an honest review. A pure stand up guy and not to shabby of a real estate guy either!!! Thanks Marc!!!


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