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Monarch Pines Resident | June 6, 2024

I brought two very close friends over to see the house in the late afternoon yesterday. Jerry was a big time contractor here on the peninsula for decades, working on 20,000-30,000 sq foot homes in Pebble Beach, Carmel, the Santa Lucia Reserve, etc. As we walked around the house he began to look at all the details of how the house was built: lots of comments about how the screws/nails were put in so they didn’t show, the accuracy/difficulty of the concrete pour, the lovely details on the stairs, the painting, etc. He was blown away by how professionally everything was done. I’ve rarely heard him make those comments, so I just wanted you both to know how much your workmanship is appreciated. The HCD inspector yesterday made a quick comment to me that you do excellent work. I’ll be sure when the opportunity arises to let my park friends hear those comments.

– Monarch Pines Resident