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Brian Shaw

Sales Manager



January 18, 2019
Brian Shaw recently helped us sell our manufactured home. He is responsive, knowledgeable and patient. Couldn’t ask for a better agent.
– Maureen K.

August 19, 2018
Brian Shaw and the Alliance team (like site construction team members like Fernando) were wonderful to work with. We had a very specific budget, and they delivered a dream home on time, built just as promised, and on budget.

Brian is honest and highly reliable. When trust is the most important thing in such a big decision as a home, we are grateful to have worked with Brian. Brian also is very familiar with construction and has a good eye for aesthetics. One of the best looking mobile homes we’ve ever seen was a custom design of his.

Over the year long process, Brian always had our best interest in mind, trying to meet our needs, save us money, and creatively and quickly adapted to changes initiated by us, or by unforeseen circumstances. We always felt taken care of, I recommend Alliance, and particularly, Brian to anyone.

Tip: Any mobile home build order works best when you know exactly what you want, so take time to think through paint colors (inside, outside, trims, windows/doors), floor types, counter types, etc.
– Marisa & Chris H.

August 1, 2018
My husband and I just bought double wide manufacture home from Alliance and had just move in for July 14th. It is beautiful. Brian Shaw, our broker made it so easy going through the entire process. Before we picked Alliance we looked at a few moble homes dealers even travel to as far as Modesto. Of all the places and agents we talked to none of them willing to explain the detail unlike Brian. He explained to us in detail and he did not pressure us to make decision. On top of that he knew exactly the style of homes we wanted (open floor concept) even though there were none on the dealers lot have sample for viewing. Brian showed us one of the home he sold to another client of his and once we saw it, we fell in love right away. Brian not only he is knowledgeable of real estate but he is a good listener to know exactly what we want. We would recommend Brian Shaw to anyone who is looking to buy or trade in mobile/manufacture home. He is great at his work. He love our home. Thank you Brian.
– Annie W.

July 12, 2018
I was in the market to buy for quite some time when I met Brian Shaw at an open house from Alliance MH, basically I would just search up open houses online and would show up to check the places out myself and that’s how I’ve collected decent amount of information related to Manufactured Homes, no land, space rent, etc.

Brian quickly learned what I like as far as style of a manufactured home, the parks I liked the most and all, and immediately set up a next 2-3 MH visits just within 1-2 days.

He is an amazing agent who knows the market inside-out, extremely knowledgeable in MH field, buys, sells, builds, remodels and he won’t miss any texts or calls to answer all your questions, I’ve got responses even while he was away on vacation.

With his amazing help, I now own my Manufactured Home at my favorite park and I can not be more grateful for working with him and his bits of advice along the journey.

I see some people share their lack of knowledge about these homes here and blame it on the agents, well this is a different market than regular Real Estate houses that everyone is familiar with, and if you are new I suggest get some help to learn more.

I truly enjoyed the last very short part of my home search with Brian and learned tremendously. I would have given more stars if I could!

Thanks, Brian/Alliance!
– Mina G.

July 10, 2018
In March, my wife and I met Brian Shaw, an agent representing Alliance Mobile Homes, at an open house in Casa De Amigo Mobile Home Park. He shared some valuable insight regarding the buying and selling of mobile homes. My wife and I were impressed with his knowledge and what he was willing to share with us.

So needlessly to say, when we were ready to sell our mobile home he was first on our list to interview. We were impressed by his knowledge of the mobile home industry. We interviewed a couple of agents. But Brian was our choice.

After we hired him, he came over and went over all the details. He gave some additional suggestions that would help our home sell faster. We took him up on his suggestions. The house went on the market on a Friday and on Sunday we got a full price offer. As a result of maintaining our home, staging it and following Brian’s recommendations we are very satisfied with the outcome.

I would highly recommended Brian Shaw to be your agent to buy or sell.
– Al P.

March 8, 2018
Brian Shaw and Alliance did an excellent job for us! He is very experienced and helpful. These manufactured homes are roomy and beautiful with high ceilings, crown molding, marble counters, marble baths, definitely nicer than most townhomes!
– Gen G.

January 30, 2018
I would highly recommend Alliance to anyone in the market to buy or sell a manufactured home. My husband and I were in a time crunch to purchase a home. We contacted Brian Shaw and he helped us find a home and close escrow in 30 days. The whole process was easy and painless thanks to the tireless effort from our wonderful agent. Thanks again for everything.
– Tasha D.

March 8, 2018
Brian Shaw and Alliance did an excellent job for us! He is very experienced and helpful. These manufactured homes are roomy and beautiful with high ceilings, crown molding, marble counters, marble baths, definitely nicer than most townhomes!
– Gen G.

April 16, 2017
In 2015, we hit a tipping point. Following numerous increases of the cost of rent to our home in Palo Alto, we could no longer afford, and did not want to continue to pay, the ridiculous monthly rent.

We started looking, and quickly realized that rental rates were absurd in every area! And no guarantee that rents wouldn’t continue to increase, putting us back in the same situation in a short period of time.

Then, we saw a listing on Zillow for a new home in Sunnyvale with a price tag that seemed like a misprint – how could it be less than half the price of what we were accustomed to seeing? Curious, we decided to check out the open house.

At that spur-of-the-moment visit, we met Brian Shaw, representing Alliance Homes. Brian was warm and welcoming, and extremely knowledgeable about the company that he represents and the homes that they sell. Within a minute of meeting him we found him to be genuine and likable, not like a lot of agents that we have met at open houses! After meeting Brian, we were invigorated and hopeful, something we had not been since starting to worry about our housing future.

The home that we saw that day was beautiful, and, although not an ideal match for us, and we walked away feeling like buying a home might actually be a real possibility! Even in this crazy Bay Area.

We visited many more open houses for Alliance Homes, and had dozens of conversations with Brian, during which he patiently answered our myriad questions, and never made us feel stupid for any of them. Over the course of the next few months, we met many happy Alliance customers who bought an existing home and were very happy with it, but ultimately we decided that we wanted to move forward with a custom home purchase.

Brian patiently showed us lots of options of locations, and we found the perfect spot that would work for us. He walked us through many potential financing options as well, explaining everything in a manner that was straightforward to understand. Then the work began of customizing our home, which was an intimidating thought at first, even though it was also extremely exciting to consider.

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for Brian Shaw and Alliance Homes! He carefully walked us through every detail!

From helping us choose the original layout, to what must have felt like a hundred or more customizations to him, Brian was thorough, thoughtful, and patient. I don’t think that we were his typical sort of custom home build, or customer. We inundated him with questions about whether or not we could do certain changes and customizations, and amazingly he was usually able to do them! During this time we also encountered many other Alliance employees as we visited many open houses, and also the model homes that they have at their San Jose location (I am pretty sure they got sick of seeing us there). Everyone that we encountered through Alliance was very kind and patient with us; it’s clear that the organization really cares about its customers.

Brian kept track of every detail and regularly asked thoughtful questions so that we could be comfortable with the decisions we were making. From first learning that this housing option exists to actually placing our order for our home took about 4 months, and in retrospect it’s amazing how quickly we had decided to buy a house, found a perfect spot, and designed a custom home that we LOVE!

Throughout the entire process, Brian was so, so, so exceptionally helpful and a true pleasure to work with! We laughed and had a great time – we actually LIKED meeting with him every time! In addition to being extremely genuine and thoughtful, we also really appreciated Brian’s extraordinarily positive attitude (and smile!), plus how genuine and thoughtful he was. On numerous occasions, people that he had worked with to find homes in the past would drop by an open house when we were visiting him, and he always remembered their names, where they bought their home, etc. Of course, this is a job for Brian, but you can tell that it’s so much more for him. He TRULY wants to help people find a home that they love!

Following the house being built, we also got to meet the Alliance crew that performs the finishing touches and found them to be friendly and helpful as well. After taking ownership, we have continued to work with Robert who coordinates any warranty issues that arise, and also Fernando who has been so WONDERFUL to come out and take care of all of our “settling in” issues, quickly fixing and masterfully improving the little things that we found that needed a touch-up.

Overall, we had a very positive experience with Alliance and their whole team. Whenever I hear anyone mention possibly wanting to buy a home like ours, or if someone wants to sell their existing home, I always recommend that they reach out to Brian. We are so happy that we met him, got to know him, and worked with him to design our custom home!
– Adam R.

June 20, 2014
My husband and I pondered the thought of selling our home for many months. We finally decided that now was the time to make our move and contacted Brian Shaw of Alliance Homes to get some information about selling and whether or not it was the right time based on the market. Brian was very knowledgable and answered all of our questions without pressuring us to list. After taking some months to think about it we contacted Brian again and got our house listed. IT SOLD WITHIN 1 1/2 WEEKS! Brian made the entire process easy and went above and beyond to ensure that we had as little stress as possible during our sell. I would definitely recommend Alliance Homes and especially Brian Shaw to anyone buying or selling a home. GREAT EXPERIENCE!
– Marsha S.