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Homeowners are missing the opportunity to build an ADU with traditional site-built construction. Avoid exorbitant material and labor costs, construction delays and the inconvenience of on-site work with a pre-built ADU.

With a controlled environment, bulk material purchasing, and an assembly-line approach, factory built housing offers a lower cost to build and faster on-site work lasting only a few weeks.

Learn about the Process below.

Alliance – Your One Stop Shop for ADUs

    • Countless companies are jumping on the manufactured home bandwagon, due to changes in the ADU laws.
    • Alliance has been designing and building manufactured homes since 2006, with over 2,000 projects completed to date.
    • Our dedicated, in-house construction team, Alliance Installations, is licensed specifically to install manufactured homes (C47 – #912670).
    • With everything you need in one place, Alliance can take your ADU project from initial design to final completion.

The Process

Step #1 – Let’s Discuss (Free)

    • Visit one, or both, of our offices to tour our display models, learn about new regulations and discuss the possibilities.
    • We have several display models to help you get to know our product and to spark inspiration for your project.
    • If the general pricing is within your budget, we will make a complimentary site visit and provide a estimate.
    • If we are a good fit, sign the estimate and move forward to the design phase.

Step #2 – Let’s Design (1-8 weeks; 6,000 due)

    • One of the great benefits of factory built housing is the ability to work on multiple aspects of a project simultaneously.
    • Begin designing your floorplan for $1,000 by signing a New Home Purchase Agreement with Alliance.
    • Begin designing your backyard for $2,000 by signing a Project Management Agreement with PreFab Productions (PP).
    • Order a professional survey from a licensed surveyor for $3,000.
    • You will receive a site plan with the proposed ADU location. This becomes the basis for future correspondence with the building department during the permit process.

Step #3 – Let’s Get Approval (4-12 weeks; $8,000 due)

    • At this point, we have all the design details for your ADU dialed in, now it is time to secure approval from your City or County.
    • PP will compile all necessary plans, documents, and engineering related to your ADU, its foundation system, and the utilities – the good news is we have a head start because some of that work was completed during the design phase.
    • Upon submitting your plans to the building department the first $4,000 installment is due. Once the City finishes their review, we will respond to any questions or comments until we receive approval to build – at this time the second $4,000 installment is due.

Step #4 – Let’s Build (10-12 weeks; 20% due)

    • With permit in hand and the tedious part behind us, we can now move forward, full steam ahead!
    • Upon receipt of 20% of the home price, we give the factory the green light to begin manufacturing your ADU.
    • Upon executing contracts with Alliance Installations and other necessary contractors, on-site work begins in your backyard to prepare for the delivery of your ADU.

Step #5 – Let’s Move In (2-4 weeks; remaining balance due)

    • Your backyard is fully prepared for the big day.
    • Your ADU is delivered, placed on its foundation system, and all additional on-site finish work is completed over the next few weeks.
    • The final inspection with your City or County takes place, and the permit is signed off.
    • With the keys to your new home in hand, you have unlocked the full potential of your backyard, it’s time to celebrate!