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Lan Nguyen

Senior Housing Consultant


Lan began her career in manufactured housing with Advantage Homes as an admin in December of 1999, and became a sales agent in the summer of 2000. Throughout her 17 years’ experience, her hard work and first class customer service allowed to be among one of the top performing agents in Santa Clara County. Lan brings an unparalleled skillset to manufactured housing; not only does she hold a B.S. in Business Administration, but she is also a Licensed Realtor®.

When asked why she transitioned to Alliance, Lan indicated that she “admires Alliance’s creativity and innovation on new home designs.” She sees this new opportunity as a positive move toward advancing her career in manufactured homes, as she is “now working with the leader of this industry.”

When working with Lan, you can expect to receive experience, consistent communication, and strong attentiveness to details. As a top producer, she is knowledgeable regarding all things manufactured housing, from loans to community expectations to HCD guidelines, and she has cater to each client’s circumstances to enable a successful approval process.

Fluent in both English and Vietnamese, Lan is prepared to go above and beyond your needs to help you with your next housing change.


November 1, 2018
My alliance home was 2 yrs old when I purchased it for $244,000.00 it sold 5 yrs later for $390,000.00, that’s how well and beautiful their homes are built! Lan Nguyen was wonderful to work with in the sale of my home, she listened to me when other agents had no vision and she got the home sold in the terms I needed to start a new job on the East Coast, a cash-buy and 2 to weeks to close by looking for the right buyer…she’s a Rock Star!
– Susan T.

August 16, 2018
Thank you Lan Nguyen for your excellence services in helping us buy a brand new mobile home from Skyline!

We first met with Lan at an open house and discussed with her our plan. At first, we wanted to purchase a new home so ended up on a waitlist for available space at the mobile home park we wanted. A little of over one month, Lan called us back about the good news that space has opened up. We worked with her to start customizing our home and then realized later that this didn’t fit our needs anymore and we decided to buy a new mobile home that was available for sale at the time. She was very patient in the process and gave us helpful feedback in helping us decide what home would be right for us.

I would highly recommend Lan as she is very friendly and know what she is talking about. As part of the walk through, she would help point out some defects that we missed which showed that she really cares for her customers. She is willing to work around the clock to make her customer happy by replying to my emails after hours which really helped with my busy work schedule. Planning from our side changed, and she was able to get the home manufacturer to finish up the home faster to help us with our move in date. An AC unit was also installed with the home which she helped out on.

There were defects in the homes, but Skyline was able to send their tech’s down to fix the defects after we closed out escrow.

So far, we are happy with our purchase and the 15 months warranty gives us a peace of mind regarding the house.
– Johnny D.

June 20, 2018
My husband and I want to give a huge thank you to Tran and his wife/business partner, Lan, for helping us determine the options of selling my deceased mother’s mobile home. After just a few minutes of conversation we totally trusted their experience, professionalism and their compassion to our needs. We live out of town and they swiftly processed the transaction for our convenience. They lifted a huge burden off our shoulders. I highly recommend them for any business to do with the sale of any home, especially manufactured homes. They have years of experience and our passionate about customer satisfaction.
– Patty D.

January 18, 2018
I would highly recommend Lan Nguyen if you are looking to purchase a home. We were in the market for a mobile home for my mother in law who was moving from out of state. From the beginning, Lan was very responsive to all of our questions and extremely flexible with showing various homes to us and coordinating questions between us and the seller. I feel that she had our best interest in mind, and was transparent throughout the whole process. Purchasing a home is very stressful, but Lan did a great job guiding us through the process which in turn decreased our overall stress. We ended up purchasing a home that is perfect for my mother in law and we are all very happy with the experience we had with Lan.
– Jen M.

December 25, 2017
Selling a home is / can be a very stressful process, especially being my first time going through this process. Finding the right realtor would diminish the stress of the move.. As I started to wind down the moving efforts of my home and getting the house vacated to be sold, I find myself wondering how to find a realtor that I could count on and trust.

As I looked through the many realtors out there, Lan’s name came into light.

When I called, her soft spoken voice gave me that immediate assurance and feeling that I would enjoy working with her. I explained that I would like to sell my house and she mentioned that she could meet me on the same day / morning. Lan came by my house with such grace and confidence that there’s no question that I would not have her represent me. I knew then that I can count on her. She showed me the market value with the surrounding neighborhood and was able to answer all the questions that I have. It speaks a lot about her. She came well prepared and as we went through the contract, she explained questions that I have before signing..

Knowing that my new place is 300+ miles away, she assured me that she will take care of the paperwork relating to the park that I lived in for nearly 14 years. She reduced unneeded paperwork stress for me and got the home inspection effort going. Within a week or so of the listing, she was able to get my house sold. She was very clear in explaining the offer at hand and things that we needed to get done for the closing of the house.

Lan was very easy to work with and keeps me informed all through the way.

I am very grateful to have found her as she helped to ease the stress of selling a home.

I couldn’t recommend her enough.. Whether you are buying or selling a home, you can count on Lan as she’s a very special, confident, hardworking and trustworthy realtor. I appreciate her efforts and wish her continue success.

Thank you, Lan.
– L.T.

October 4, 2017
I hired Lan Nguyen to sell my mom’s Sunnyvale manufactured home of 30 years. She helped me every step of the way and worked with the park managers and new buyer through the inspections to park applications for new residence. Lan is very professional and handled the buyer and seller relationship smoothly. She is patient and realistic. I highly recommend Lan if you plan to sell your mfg home or are looking to buy one. She understands what needs to be done from the sellers and buyers side. She has good relationships with park Managment to ensure their needs are met too. She gets the job done efficiently and effectively and organizes all the paperwork and she accommodating for special needs too. She does not need to be micro managed and that’s was VERY helpful for me. Lan gets the job done and I highly recommend she help you buy/sell your mobile home.
– Becky O.

April 25, 2017
My wife and I purchased our first manufactured home in Sunnyvale. Lan Nguyen was our agent, she stayed in contact with us every week during escrow, informed as far as where we were in our process of purchasing, and made a whole purchasing process very easy and we were able to close escrow in 3 1/2 weeks. I had a lot of questions about The leasing process, what type of insurance that we needed as well as property tax information in regards to owning a manufactured home, she patiently answered all my questions and explain the whole process to us. During our move-in process there’s a few things that came up and she was able to help us resolve our issues very quickly. I would highly recommend Lan Nguyen for either purchasing or selling your property.

Lan thank you for all your help. We are very happy with her new home.
– Roger M.