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Kittopia from Skyline Homes

Luxurious touches for the modern family. Skyline’s newest and innovative kitchen design puts everything you need right where you need it. A beautifully appointed kitchen designed and filled with thoughtful details and modern conveniences, Kittopia makes every meal a special occasion.

The stainless steel stove with front controls, available in gas or electric, and a European-style range hood, offer even more of Kittopia’s signature metallic flair and functionality. With a dual spice rack/utensil holder hovering just above the stove, a great meal will always be within reach.

The stainless steel farmhouse sink with a black and brushed nickle faucet elevates Kittopia’s style and convenience factors with timeless lines and an array of add-ons. The sink comes equipped with a colander, drying rack, cutting board, and protective base rack to help prevent scuffs and scratches.

Kittopia also brings comfort to your everyday culinary experience. Access kitchenware with ease, thanks to horizontal pull-up cabinets with LED lighting and glass inserts. Effortlessly entertain with features like an above-refrigerator wine rack, adjustable TV/tablet, and a movable utility stand.

Kittopia Features:

  • Stainless steel stove with front controls (available in gas or electric)
  • European-style range hood
  • Dual spice rack/utensil holder above stove
  • Stainless steel farmhouse with colander, drying rack, cutting board and protective base rack accessories
  • Black and brushed nickel faucet
  • Horizontal pull-out cabinets with LED lighting and glass inserts
  • Wine rack above the refrigerator
  • Adjustable TV
  • Movable utility island