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Willow Ranch

1111 Morse Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089


A life of tranquility awaits you at Willow Ranch in Sunnyvale. Willow Ranch finds its name in the large willow trees that arch over the lush gardens adjacent to ranch-style clubhouse that is the heartbeat of the community. Inside, the large meeting room and kitchen are constantly in use as seniors gather for coffee, potlucks, card games, and bingo. Other amenities offered by this 236-space community include a swimming pool, spa, barbecue area, billiards table, and laundry facility. Easy access to highways 237, 101, and 85, along with nearby public transit ensure a pleasant commute, while a plethora of stores and restaurants can be found just a few blocks away. Come enjoy what the best years of your life have to offer at Willow Ranch.

Restrictions allow one pet per household that weighs a maximum of 20 lbs.